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I’m a Small Business Strategist / Influencer that Tells It Like It Is. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. Contact me to set up an Honest Meeting if you need advice about Brand Building, Business Strategy, Business Development, Social Media / Digital Strategy or Content Creation.


I enjoy building trusting relationships and have a genuine passion for both people and business. Honesty, Authenticity, Networking, Connecting and Sharing are pillars of my belief system.

Facebook Live “Telling It Like it Is” Interview every Wednesday 9:30am MST. A 15 minute interview that focuses on helping Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs. Sharing your knowledge and stories helps everyone.

Facebook link – https://www.facebook.com/jadealbertsconsulting/


I can help you with:

– Social Marketing, planning, training, and execution
– Content Creation
– Digital Marketing Campaigns
– Business Development
– Business Plan / Vision
– Website Design
– Videos
– Work-Life Balance
– Network Expansion
– Communication
– Office Culture
– Positivity
– Meeting Efficiency
– Organization

Next Steps…

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