Suzette Baker
Client Services Director CBRE

Wow, Jade is a blast to work with!!! He knows how to make the most mundane task into something you don’t want to miss out on. Jade is a self-starter and master go-getter! He touts work/life balance and is a wonderful example of it! I got to know Jade on a professional basis and now consider him a good friend. He is a leader that cares first about those he leads. He is positive, energetic and professional!

Elisa Romero
Founder SOC Media Consulting

Jade and I sit on the Leadership board of Workplace Evolutionaries where Jade focuses on the overall Communications strategies for WE. I have had the pleasure of working closely with Jade on a number of projects specific to branding, social media strategies and building WE’s digital footprint. Jade’s energy is always extremely positive and he takes on every situation with confidence, understanding and very effective communication. Jade is an action/results oriented individual who listens well, is a strong leader and not afraid to jump in to get things done, even when his own workload is overwhelming. Jade is a top-notch professional, extremely resourceful and a pleasure to do business with. I would recommend Jade without a doubt to work with any of my own clients

Vanessa Hernandez
Founder/Owner WarBaby Cosmetics/MIMP™(Master Int’l Makeup Professional)

I have known Jade for over 27 years and in that time, I have watched him become a highly successful entrepreneur and mentor. Not only is he an expert in his field, but he is passionate about what he does and always willing to offer sound and simple advice that will help people take their ventures to the next level. Able to take complex issues and break them down into easy…more

Annemarie Fleming
Business Development Leader at MovePlan 

I have worked with Jade for over a year on the Workplace Evolutionaries Leadership Team. He has made valuable contributions to our efforts to reach new members with his entrepreneurial focus and passion for improving the Workplace. His personal warmth and sense of humor make it a pleasure to work with Jade.

Steven Koszman
Team Building Expert, Leadership Trainer, Top Coach & Sales Consultant for Blair Singer Companies, Motivational Speaker

I have had the pleasure of knowing Jade for over 15 years. In that time I have seen him start and then sell businesses that reached success on many levels. He now proudly shares his experience and expertise with other companies for the purpose of their own growth and success. I strongly recommend working with Jade.

Kimberly Wieting
Gritt Media inc.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jade on various Nathan’s Famous projects. His creativity, knowledge and enthusiasm always made each project I worked on with him very enjoyable, and the process was always very smooth. I would highly recommend Jade for his account management skills or anything to do with sales and marketing. He would be an asset to any company.

Michelle Scott
Professional Coach & HR Consultant

Jade and I met at the Calgary Think Tank group and have developed a great professional relationship. He is very good at relationship building and is innovative and thought provoking in his ideas. I recommend Jade for any business consulting needs you may have, or to connect with a like-minded entrepreneur.

Joshua Penner
Founder and GM at Cambridge Corporation

Jade is a valuable connection as a mentor and motivator. He offers great perspective, informed by years of his business and leadership roles, that helps mitigate the tunnel vision some business owners get during their early stages of incorporation. I trust his advice and ideas when it comes to any complex business situations.

Glenn Dirks
VP Customer Enablement at Optimaze, Inc.

I met Jade at an IFMA Workplace Evolutionaries (WE) event a year ago and quickly realized the value he could bring to WE. Although new to real estate and facilities, Jade leveraged his substantial knowledge and expertise in business management to provide a fresh perspective to the innovative workplace strategy work WE is doing for public and private organizations